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Changing The Way
The World Changes Catalyst 



TubeMaster®, Inc. is the world’s premier technology service and product provider in reactor catalyst handling. We specialize in catalyst change out, leading-edge patented catalyst technology, and custom designed plant equipment.  TubeMaster® operates on a global basis, having tested and serviced 10,000,000+ tubes in 20 countries for over 20 years with a 100% safety record.  TubeMaster® also holds more than 100+ patents and is the world’s fastest and most accurate pressure drop testing company.

Our Mission

Empowering catalyst professionals with the safest and most efficient catalyst-handling technology in the world.

TubeMaster® 100% Perfect Safety Record

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Our World Record
for 100%
Perfect Safety

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TubeMaster®, Inc.
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Over 10,000,000
Tubes Served

“The contractor is the muscle,
TubeMaster® is the Brain.”

Sherman Ko,
EO Plant Manager, Formosa Plastics